Metal Assault Talks Made n’ America

… of the show review Metal Assault gave from the Uli Jon Roth performance – they mentioned Made n’ America as follows:

Next up to grace the stage with their presence was local LA dirty rock n roll band Made n’ America. It was pretty much everything an American rock ‘n roll band should be, with some bluesy riffs, very fun and creative bass jams, and stellar vocals consisting of a large amount of American cheese in the lyrics.

With songs called ‘Hell Yeah’, ‘Sin City’, and ‘Black Widow’ you can be sure to get your fill of biker party heavy rock songs. These dudes were very pro in their stage attack and although completely different bands there was a grace about them that reminded me of watching an American UDO.

Between the sparkly purple bass and the use of a mini megaphone for vocals in one of the songs, there was much to appreciate. The drums were exactly as they needed to be and used a hard hitting commanding attack. Tough and talented, these guys put on an entertaining show and further proved my theory that rock ‘n roll still exists.