Dave Keckhut: Frontman

From his early days performing on the Sunset Strip alongside new-comers like Guns n’ Roses and LA Guns, to name a few of the literally thousands of artists he’s shared the stage with, Dave Keckhut has maintained his prominence throughout Los Angeles by writing traditional American Hard Rock the way it was intended; that is, to bring down the house.

Easily recognized by any rock fans ear for his soulful and powerful shouts, Dave proudly releases his third album in 2019 with his band Made ‘n’ America. From discovering and launching artists, including Sam Koltun – the former young gun as heard on the band’s CD “In Rock We Trust,” to sharing stages with long time friends including dUg Pinnick, James Lomenzo and Kenny AronoffKeckhut has spent a lifetime as a full time songwriter and performer, and it’s not stopping any time soon. See him live today!

Find him on Facebook: Dave Keckhut

Andy Haller: Guitars

As a guitarist, Andrew Haller been featured recording albums from rock to rap, including working with Dr. Dre on Snoop Dog’s “Doggie Style” and even with Janet Jackson. Andy Haller is is a recognized talent in the studio and on stage. Haller, working behind the board, has engineered and mixed on some of the biggest stars works in the music industry including Jennifer Lopez, Brian McKnight, Earth Wind and Fire and Will Smith.

Haller can be seen on stage with the band and heard on his first recording with Made ‘n’ America, the 2019 release “United We Stand.”

Find him on Facebook: Andy Haller

Clackers Kay: Bass

Berkley grad and quite literally genius bassist Clackers Kay has been a long time resident in the seat of bassist for Made n’ America. His natural ability to meld into any style of music and make it his own has made him the right fit for the band. for years, Clackers has gone from Fairfield, CT bassist to Hollywood Superstar, performing with just about every artist he’s ever met, at one point or another. When they need a bassist that gets it on the first go-round, they call Clackers.

Clackers appears on the last two CD’s with Made ‘n’ America and has performed alongside frontman Dave Keckhut in other acts over the years. Get out your cell phone when you se him play, you’ll be sharing it a the water cooler the next day.

Find him on Facebook: Clackers Kay

Jay Pinfold: Drums

Hailing from New Zealand and drumming for the award winning band Juke Kartel, percussionist and drummer Jay Pinfold has replaced former band drummer Sam Aliano since his departure back home, ironically, down near New Zealand in Australia.

What fans have learned is that you don’t have to be from ‘down unda‘ to drum for Made n’ America (though it seems to a pattern), but you do have to be amazing – and Pinfold is that. See him perform at the next show and try not to get trampled by the girls grabbing selfies with him.

Find him on Facebook: Jay Pinfold