David “Bulldog” Keckhut: Frontman

From his early days performing on the Sunset Strip alongside new-comers like Guns n’ Roses, Warrant and LA Guns, to name a few of the literally thousands of artists he’s shared stages and studio time with, Dave Keckhut has maintained his prominence throughout Los Angeles by writing traditional American Hard Rock the way it was intended; that is, to bring down the house. Dave has recorded in studio on projects from Blues to Southern Rock, Americana, Pop and Metal.

Easily recognized by any rock fans ear for his soulful and powerful shouts, Dave proudly released his 3rd album in 2019 with his band Made ‘n’ America. From discovering and launching artists, including Sam Koltun – the former young gun as heard on the band’s CD “In Rock We Trust,” to sharing stages with long time friends including dUg Pinnick, James Lomenzo and Kenny AronoffKeckhut has spent a lifetime as a full time songwriter and performer, and it’s not stopping any time soon.

Dave’s personal website is:

Patrick Abbate: Guitars

Patrick Abbate

Born in Oristano, Italy, Patrick started playing the guitar at the age of 11 and had five years of classic guitar lessons and music theory, as well as perfecting the electric and acoustic guitars. At the Conservatory of Cagliari, he studied experimental music and electronic music before moving onto Percento Musica in Rome where he honed his electric guitar playing skills thanks to a teacher called Frank Gambale.

As well as the afore mentioned Steve Vai and Joe Satriani, Patrick’s influences also include Slash, Dimebag Darrell, Jimi Hendrix and David Gilmour amongst others. In 2007, he received the Randall & Washburn European artist of the year at the NAMM show in Los Angeles from the US Music Corporation and this lead to him playing alongside Willie Basse and his Black Sheep band, Kee Marcello, Megan McCauley, Irene Nelson, Marco Baz Bazzoni and many more, including Made ‘n’ America.

Patrick’s personal website is here:

Joe “Yeah, That Guy” Dolan: Bass

Joe Dolan On Bass

Joe Dolan is an American rock musician, photographer, former radio personality and an active bass player in Los Angeles, CA. Throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s, Joe was a popular choice for performing bands throughout New England and New York in the American Hard Rock, Punk and Metal scene for writing and regional touring as a resident bass player. This has included short term and one-off performances with major label artists including Ben Orr, Jani Lane, Kip Winger, Trixter, Peter Wolf, Charlie Farren, Kevin DuBrow, Magic Dick, Blue Oyster Cult, Slaughter, Nuclear Assault and others while performing throughout the Northeast. In 2006, Joe became a permanent resident of Los Angeles, CA.

Joe actively uses ErnieBall Music Man and Kubicki Bass Guitars and Gallien Krueger Amplifiers.

Joe’s personal website is:

Chris de Bateria: Drums

From the early 80’s Hollywood Rock Scene with Fortress, Chris performed in all the venues alongside bands including Poison, Warrant, Alcatrazz and, ironically, Made ‘n’ America frontman Dave Keckhut‘s bands including The Mob. Chris’ lineage in music runs deep throughout Southern California and has been recognized around the world for his recording and performing prowess as well as being well received regularly by artists including Iron Maiden’s Adrian Smith and Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee who often came to see Chris’ bands perform.

As well as performing with Made ‘n’ America, Chris is regularly seen performing around SoCal in top draw tribute acts paying homage artists including Black Sabbath and UFO while attending invites to appear and high profile jams throughout the club scene from San Diego, throughout LA and across the region.