Writer’s Cafe On Dave Keckhut

The heavy hitting Sunset Strip rockers Made n’ America are proving some incredible worth with their latest CD release – its music that’s creating a major buzz on the LA Music Scene with songs like ‘Hell Yeah’, ‘Sin City’ and ‘Black Widow’. Show-goers call it comparable to the likes of Black Sabbath and AC/DC, but these guys are bringing back real music! It’s a lifestyle sound that’s crucial to a society that these days, seems to glorify controversy or popularity and sadly, seems to be taking the place of what was cherished as good old fashioned musicianship and talent.

Made n’ America are heartfelt American Rockers that just never fail to become the life of the party, both with their true MTV style rock sound and anthems that are guaranteed to get everyone singing-along at the top of their lungs from the moment they first hear it. The band recently added guitarist/engineer Andy Haller to the group, which brings another skilled and seasoned rock veteran to an already exciting line up of musicians. Proving just how much their music is having an impact on anyone fortunate enough to catch one of their shows, Made n’ America received a shining review of their recent show at the famous Whiskey a Go-Go on Sunset Blvd by acclaimed music and songwriter Uli Jon Roth – whom they warmed the stage for.

The group’s front man, and the voice behind those powerhouse vocals, is David Keckhut who began putting Made n’ America together as a band a few years ago – continuing the ongoing evolution of his career as a staple in the Los Angeles hard rock marketplace. He hasn’t looked backed at any of the bands he’s worked with and consistently evolves as he enjoys the lifestyle and journey to continued success, from what we can see, he never takes any of it for granted. When asked who his first favorite band was, David didn’t hesitate to mention ‘Three Dog Night’, who has remained a key influence on his life growing up and listening to music.

Made n’ America will play their next show at yet another iconic venue The Rainbow on the Sunset Strip on April 17th. Don’t miss your chance to catch these guys live and see what all the hype is about!

Visit www.made-n-americarocks.com.