Made n’ America – 100 Percent Rock ‘n’ Roll

From Rock Farbror – Sweden

It’s 100 percent rock ‘n’ roll from Los Angeles. It from Made n’ America that has sent is the disc titled “Here comes the Pain.

Made -N- America, the band, brings together David Keckhut (vocals), Andrew Haller (guitar), Clackers Kay (bass) and Sammy Aliano (drums.) They delivered us 8 songs of otherwise nice classic rock ‘n’ roll on the disc, and it’s a keeper.

The tracks are as follows:

  1. Afraid of fear
  2. Here comes the pain
  3. Soul stealer
  4. Get it on
  5. Snow blind
  6. Better run for cover
  7. Fall angel
  8. Hell yeah

Some critics have reveled in how the band has had a sound reminiscent of AC / DC. You can forget that talk right away. They’ve left that description behind.

Get started with the Bang Bang in the first track – what a great rock song!  With that alone you’re getting to know what it’s all about. It’s an island all it’s own. It’s fast-paced classic rock ‘n’ roll with chant-along chorus and fat guitars. It is honest hard rock the way it was done in the past on the Sunset Strip. That’s how the disc rolls through!

Take note, there are some tracks that stand out a little extra: “Soul Stealer” with the beautiful bass and the equally comfortable drums. Them, they send in some blues too. 

“Run for Cover” is another highlight. It’s a song that draws on the influence of Judas Priest.

Our choice for the song that that makes a statement is the album ender, “Hell Yeah!” You don’t want to miss it.

Visit today and get a copy for yourself and find them on Youtube! It’s traditional hard rock that we miss, and it’s back! Above all, it’s Made in America!