As the pandemic rages on, Made ‘n’ America is taking time to write new songs and to celebrate the hits they’ve already penned with some new videos. This one’s a blast – it’s the Wonders playing That Rock And Roll, from the 2018 Made ‘n’ America album “United We Stand.”

Dave Keckhut shares, “It’s just about having a good time. I love that movie, Tom Hanks really hit the nail on the head with it. Write a song and take it as far as you can, it’s That Thing You Do when you’re in a band.”

Assembled from a fun idea Handle Records CEO and bassist for Made ‘n’ America Joe Dolan had late one night. From the pivotal scene in the film where the band hears themselves on the radio for the first time – they, and the viewers, are hearing Made ‘n’ America instead.

It’s got to be my favorite band movie,” Joe Dolan says. “Tom Hanks made some incredibly memorable moments come to life in that film and I think we’ve all felt them. I know the first time I heard myself on the radio, I think I annoyed everyone in school for days to call the radio station and keep requesting it. I don’t know who was more of a pain in the ass, the people calling the radio station or the teenaged me harassing everyone I knew for attention. It was probably me.”

When the idea hit, Joe took to the computer immediately and started editing.

It sort of edited itself. The movie is laid out already, it was a matter of trying to edit the sound over it; I certainly don’t have the original stems without music, so I did the best I could and we all had a good chuckle at the end result,” Joe adds.

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