Handle Records proudly announces the release of a new video for the single United We Stand, from the album of the same name by Made ‘n’ America. The song comes as the title track from the 2019 release and boasts a fairly obvious opinion about the shape of things now in the United States, and around the world. The upheaval of criticism, aggression and flaring tempers between friends and neighbors, both socially and politically has grabbed news headlines; and it’s grabbed people’s attention with the band’s latest video.

It’s just like I sing in the lyrics, We the people have got to speak out truth, before the powers that be leave nothing for the youth,” shares frontman and songwriter Dave Keckhut. “This is insane. We’re taking out frustration and misunderstanding on our neighbors, our friends and our loved ones instead of just talking. We’ve got to come together on all of this or we’re going to just fall apart completely. Of course, being who we are as a band, I had to implement some rock and roll into the chorus – Do you wanna rock? Here’s your chance.”

The single comes out at a time when the news dictates what you’re seeing and hearing, and it’s fitting for these times. It also comes at a time when the band is forced into a standstill regarding on stage performances.

We literally can’t get out anywhere,” Dave tells us. “We want to bring the show out and let people leave the house and have a good time but the city is forcing a shutdown. No shows, no gatherings, no fun. We’re keeping busy in the meantime and assembling some new videos to keep everyone happy. We’ve got another one coming soon for the song Snow Blind. I can’t wait to share it.”

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